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My Story

   Growing up a Psychic Medium was not easy.  A good thing about it was that I never felt alone.  I would see auras in plants and animals and see spirits, guides, and angels around people.  My mom noticed when I was young that I was different. I would sing to the flowers to make them grow, and be outside talking to myself all the time.  One day,  she was looking out the kitchen window into the backyard and noticed me on the swing.  She saw me swinging and talking.  The swing next to me was swinging, and I wasn't pushing it, and it looked like I was interacting with something that she couldn't see.  At that moment, she knew there was something very innocent and special about me. 

       As I grew up my gifts became more prominent, and I really had to learn to control them so I wasn't always "on." That was not easy, but throughout my life I had people that have helped me, and I can proudly say I have mastered my Psychic skills.  Don't get me wrong, I had my fair share of people saying I was crazy, there was no way I could know things, and a couple of friends completely dismissed my gifts.  But I stayed true to myself and realized, I wasn't for everyone. 

    During covid, my goal was to master a new skill.  I started reading about Reiki and its power.  I thought it would be wonderful to learn an energy healing modality that I could use on myself and others.   I googled "Psychic Reiki" and came across my teacher and mentor, Lisa Campion.  I enrolled in her Psychic Academy where I took several classes over the course of a year and a half and graduated as a "Master Psychic Healer." The community of healers I met made me finally feel accepted, appreciated, and validated.  I learned from them and their stories, and felt comfortable sharing all of mine. They had skills and grew up with similar gifts and abilities.  I am now a full time Psychic Medium and a Reiki Master Teacher. I teach all three levels of Reiki.  I do my work in-person and virtually. 

  My whole life I have been in service and teaching.  I have been a Montessori Preschool teacher, a first, second and third grade school teacher, a special needs Montessori teacher, a Certified Nursing Assistant, an assistant to the severely disabled, a special needs nanny, a music teacher and a preschool daycare teacher.  I am also a published author, poet, and musician.  My life has shifted so that  Psychic Mediumship and Reiki work is now my soul's purpose.  The world needs healing and I am ready to serve. 

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