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Black Salt

Black salt is a very powerful protective tool to help with negativity of pretty much any kind including spirits. This kind of black salt has protected myself and my family many times. Here is a little of what it can be used for:

  • Repels negativity, emotional and spiritual

  • Helps get rid of nightmares by placing under bed or sprinkle around it to protect from spirits or put it in a bowl on your nightstand it lasts about a week

  • Carry on you for repelling unwanted attention

  • Mitigates Mercury retrograde

  • Can help with depression and anger

  • Write a list of worries on a piece of paper and throw it in a fire with the black salt

  • Put a small amount in your bath as long as you are not allergic to any of the ingredients

  • Put a small amount on your hands in the shower and coat your body and wash it away

  • Sprinkle along window sill and doorway after cleansing house to protect from negative energy coming in- careful it stains rugs

  • Use in protective spell jars, dress candles etc.

  • Carry in a mojo bag along with a protective crystal or stone to keep from energy vampires attacking

  • Carry it when traveling and sprinkle a tiny bit around your bed or in a cup on your nightstand for protection against unwanted energy.


When making the salt the power comes from you, think about protection, it’s all about your intent.

  • Pestle & mortar

  • Activated charcoal – this one is a must, it is what makes it black. Careful, it stains.

  • Coarse sea salt  (I would not use pink Himalayan as that is typically used for love spells)

  • Ashes either from your sage bundle or sage incense. You can also use sandalwood, palo santo or cedar; any of those are also protective.

  • Lavender buds (not oil)

  • Mugwort

  • Ground egg shells (I typically use the shells from boiled eggs, take the lining out if attached and you can pop them in the oven for about a minute to make them crisp for grinding)

  • Clove – I preferably like using whole clove and grinding it in your mortar and pestle


All ingredients have protective properties, each use lasts about a week.

Put in the full moon or infuse it with reiki for extra oomph.

When it is time to get rid of, use one of the 4 elements, sweep up and take outside for the wind to take it away, run it down the sink with water, burn it in your cauldron or fire pit or bury it in the earth. (although the earth one I would not recommend unless you know for sure animals won’t try to get it)


Black salt is protective. All magic can benefit from the inclusion of black salt! Black salt is reflective. If you wish to not simply nullify or absorb negative energy but to actively reflect it back upon those who cast it then black salt is for you!


In some folk magic traditions, black salt is used as a protective element. It can be blended up and sprinkled around your property to keep your home safe from intruders or troublemakers.


Black salt is traditionally used to drive away evil and can even be sprinkled in the footprints of someone who is bothering you, to make them go away.

You can sprinkle it in your bath to absorb negativity and across your doorway threshold to keep out ill wishes. You can even keep it in a bowl under your bed or on night stand to ward off bad dreams.


  • Clove - I preferably like to use whole clove - you of course can use what feels called to you or what is easier. Clove has been known to have been used for healing, cleansing, banishing & protection in magic and has been used to keep enemies away from your home.  There is no set amount - what feels right to you.


  • Activated charcoal - used in fish tanks to clear and cleanse the water of debris and algae.  It’s a natural purifier- careful it stains rugs and can stain clothes


  • Sea Salt - naturally from the earth, soaks up negativity and creates protective barriers


  • Ashes from either your sage/palo santo bundle or incense - both will work be you are using them for cleansing and protection


  • Lavender buds - lavender is long known for it's calming effects but it is a great purifier and spiritual healer as well. It use to be used as an antiseptic. It is known to protect against evil spirits, the evil eye and has been used to chase away demons.


  • Mugwort has been long recognized as a powerful protection herb against negative energy. You can smudge with it, to cleanse and purify your space. In China, Mugwort is hung over the door to protect evil spirits from entering the home.


  • Ground eggshells - Think about how that shell protects the egg, so especially the shell creates a barrier for negative energy or protection from it. It has been used in voodoo and magical traditions as a powerful protective ingredient.



You have the power!

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