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The Miracle of Magic Monthly Membership


🌟🦋The Miracle of Magic Monthly Membership🦋🌟


Hello badasses!


🤔With so much negativity in the world, don’t you wish you could harness just a little bit of positive magic in your life?


🤔Do you feel like you have so much magical potential- you just don’t know where to start?


🤔Are you longing for a fun community to join with like-minded individuals?




This membership includes so many different fun activities that will definitely invite in the magic that you crave.


Offers of this membership:


🔮1 Séance per month.  This is exciting!  One time a month for and hour and a half we will all meet on Zoom for a séance.  I will speak with members and deliver messages from your dearly departed and guides.  


🔮The Miracle of Magic Membership Facebook group- we will have our own private group where we can share experiences, and post about what we are focusing on. This will give great support to all members and create our magical community!


🔮One Monday of the month I will do a guided meditation. Some of the themes: grounding, clearing and protecting, strengthening our boundaries, opening our intuition and more! 


🔮1 Sunday a month I will be doing a full Reiki Energy Clearing.  For one hour I will guide you through a group Reiki session. Group healings are very beneficial because the energy of the group increases the power of the healing. We will end with sharing and asking questions. 


🔮We will have two MEET-UPs a month where we can just catch up and chat about what’s happening in our lives.  A big reason why I would like to do a membership is to create a community where everyone, no matter what level you are in your spiritual journey, can inspire each other and feel seen, heard, and validated.  


🔮Live video content.  Are you familiar with my Tuesday Two Minute Tips?  I will make more live videos to post to the group about every day things that we can do to create more magic in our lives.  


🔮At the beginning of every month affirmations and journal prompts will be posted.  You can consider this the fun homework of the month.  We will get 5 affirmations and 5 journal prompts related to the month’s theme.  

🔮Moon Phase and Candle Magic Tips and Tricks! Full Moon? New Moon? Let’s do some magic! 


💜BONUS: FOR ALL MEMBERS- the price for in-person or virtual reiki will be $100 for as long as you are a member!  Usually it’s $180 for mediumship and $150 for Reiki… not a bad perk!


All offers will be live and recorded!


🫶the price will be $50 


Message me to join today!

It's not too late to join!  You can join at any time!


I’m so excited to create magical miracles with you!

please message me to join:


and you can pay through 

venmo- @jillmariekellyllc

paypal- Jill Kelly

Zelle- Jill M Kelly

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