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   Let me guide you...

🔮Have you ever had a psychic experience that you can’t explain?


🔮Did you ever feel overwhelmed by your senses and felt another presence in the room?


🔮Have you ever heard voices or caught something in the corner of your eye and felt a bit crazy?


🔮Did you ever experience two things that were connected that was way more than a coincidence?


YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! This is my specialty, let’s explore your psychic strengths together.


✨In my one-on-one psychic mentorship we will take a deep dive into your strongest clairs (psychic senses) and help you protect your energy so you can create a magical life you always knew you deserved.✨


Psychic gifts can be overwhelming, I know.  I didn’t have a mentor to teach me the basics, the good and the bad came through without hesitation and I had some pretty scary experiences.  I didn’t have someone hold my hand and guide me. I felt very alone, unsure that if I talked about what was happening, people would just think I was crazy.   I opened up without hesitation and it was like a paranormal free-for-all.  I was very overstimulated. I learned the hard way that it is imperative to have a mentor to gently guide you to opening your gifts so you don’t put your body and mind in danger of burning out, or shutting down.  Let me be that guide for you!


Here's what we will be doing together:


💖Your clairs. What are your strongest psychic gifts (clairs)?  There are 6 clairs.  Some people have a few, some people have all.  What is a clair? It’s the way that you clearly perceive psychic experiences.  There’s clear seeing, clear hearing, clear smelling, clear tasting, clear feeling and clear knowing.  


Not all psychics see visions. Some know, or hear, or feel when they perceive. We are all different and it is my job to find out your strengths so we can practice them and make them stronger! Just like anything else our psychic muscles get stronger with practice, lets put the insecurities to rest and practice together!


💖Protection. Protecting your energy is huge when you open up.  You may be a highly sensitive person, or empathic.  You may already feel feelings that are not your own and deal with a whole lot of guilt in your family or friendship circle because you feel emotionally responsible for them.  


You may always feel drained like you are pouring from an empty cup.  You may feel chaotic energy and you just want to turn it off and disengage. It doesn’t have to be this way.  In this program I will teach you the exact techniques I use as a medium every day to fill up your energetic centers, protect your energy, and give you tangible tools to keep your energy your own. No more energy vampires!


 💖The science. Part of the journey is knowing the facts behind the work.  Finally, you will have a logical explanation for the seemingly illogical experiences that you’ve had.  Science right now is validating the woo woo!  I will teach you the different scientific laws and information that explain and support what energies you are opening up.  


We will learn how and what in our body helps us perceive and why it works.  We will learn about the aura, the chakras, frequencies, resonance, and how energy flows through the body so you can feel within yourself.  We will also learn what kind of negative feelings can block our energetic centers and how to deal with the hard stuff.


💖Inner work.  Let’s heal the time when you doubted you and others doubted you. Wounding will cause you to shrink, and that pesky inner critic will try hard keep you doubting your abilities. You will learn how to come out of your shell and stand in your power with confidence and confront your shadows that have kept you small and hidden.  


We’ve all been through heartache and pain. We will do several exercises working with our inner critic and inner child so we can learn how to speak positively about ourselves and honor the light innately within us.  


🔥Once we are confident in our gifts, using the power of intention can make manifestations happen.  Let me empower and teach you!🫶


This offer includes:


✅·      Private weekly Reiki sessions to tap into your energetic field, clear it, and see what messages your higher self needs you to know


✅·      2 one-on-one mediumship sessions to connect with your dearly departed, angels, and spirit guides and discover their magical advice just for you


✅·      Personalized Weekly guided meditations to help you manage, clear, and connect with your energy in a positive way and put you in control of yourself


✅·       Access to me through messaging so that whenever you have a question, or are feeling triggered, I can support you


✅·      Weekly private mentorship calls where I will meet you exactly where you are in your journey and take a deep dive providing the teachings, resources, and support so you can fully embody your psychic abilities.  





🤗·      Journal prompts and affirmations- journaling is key to learning about your skills and strengths. I will provide you with engaging and fun prompts to get your psychic juices flowing.  We will come up with affirmations together that make your feel powerful and in control.


🤗·      Personalized full moon and new moon rituals.  Energy is everywhere and the moon definitely affects all of us.  I will craft a personal full moon and new moon ritual just for you involving candles, herbs, and intentions to get your manifestation on!


🤗·      Book suggestions!  I love reading and have so many metaphysical books that have helped me on my journey.  It’s very hard to know what resources to get when you are new to the program.  I have a curated list of powerful books that have made a big impact on me. Reading about others experiences can really help you feel inspired as you are opening your psychic senses. 


By the end of the 6 week mentorship you will have:

💪🏼·      Confidence and a clear understanding of what your gifts and clairs are and how to work with              them safely

💪🏼·      Tools to manage your energy and keep you from burning out

💪🏼·      A feeling of credibility knowing that you are working with your strengths because you’ve                 had ample practice

💪🏼·      A feeling of belonging knowing you are not alone in your journey to powerfully connect


So what are you waiting for?  I’d love to begin working with you! Let’s make magic happen together!


Price $997 for 6 amazing weeks! 


Email me if you are interested at 


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