💕Hi Moms! 💕


🤔Are you drowning and feeling like you put everyone else first and wondering who will be there for You?


🤔Do you feel like you can’t be present to be 100% mother, 100% wife, and 100% career oriented?


🤔Do you have it all but feel guilty for being ungrateful and feel shame that you are unfulfilled?


🤔Do you know there’s more out there for you, you just don’t know how to access it?


You’ve probably figured out by now that you can’t do it all.  And feeling like this is not your fault.


The reason you are feeling unfulfilled isn’t because you are not a good mom or wife.


🤨Society has told us time and time again that we need a husband, 2 kids, and a house to be complete and that just is not the case anymore.


🤔Do you have all these things and still feel lost, overwhelmed, and without purpose?


When this cookie cutter key to happiness doesn’t work and we are still unhappy we feel feelings of shame and guilt.


We are human beings that have turned into human doings.  We feel pulled in so many directions and just don’t have time to breathe.  Stress is overwhelming and we go on autopilot.  When this happens, it is hard to connect to you soul and figure out what your purpose is and what you need.🙏


✨Have you lost your light? ✨ Let’s find it together.  I’m Jill and I help overwhelmed moms deepen their spiritual connection and find their light.


Join me on a journey to 





·👍Instead of waking up exhausted and fried, you can wake up energized and ready to take on the day!


·👍You could get a restful night’s sleep! It’s something we all crave by receiving reiki you will relax and get that good night’s sleep you haven’t had in so long.


·👍You could get the kids to school without being a stress-ball in the beginning of your day!  Instead, the morning routine could be an opportunity to connect to your children and let the positive energy of the morning flow.


·👍Instead of holding resentment for your partner because they are not pulling their weight, you will hold space for them and remember that we are all on our own journey. Communication is key.


.👍You could connect to a group of women all going through the same growth and healing so you feel a part of a positive community!


You may be asking – how is this even possible?🫢


I’ve been there, I get it.🤗


I have been through so much in my life.  I honestly can embody the wounded healer label.  At a young age I struggled with my mental health and trusting myself.  I have been through many co-dependent relationships that have dealt with infidelity, addiction, divorce, and legal actions.  I was a people pleaser and a caregiver and worked as a preschool teacher, music teacher, Certified Nursing Assistant in nursing homes and hospices, and a special needs nanny.  I was go, go, go and give, give, give, giving my light away with nothing left for myself.  I have lost many loved ones, including a pregnancy, and understand that grief is a process that really doesn’t go away. I’ve struggled and been looking for answers, connection, and love.🫤


Then, over then pandemic when all hope in humanity seemed to be lost, I learned Reiki.  🙌 My mediumship ability sharpened and my ability to help myself became a part of my life.  I learned to no longer search for someone to give me light or complete me but to turn inward and control my perspective and concentrate on the light inside.  I picked myself up and put on my big girl pants and did the work.  I realized true happiness is discovering your own light. Conversing with spirit daily and checking in with myself throughout the week has led to significant shifts in my management of stress and pain.  I am not exhausted all the time, and I can truly say I am happy! I am bright! My light shines!😁


I left my teaching career after 20 years, because I was making such a significant difference in the lives of my clients. My business took off and the more I worked on myself and came across all the knowledge to develop this program, the busier I became.  The testimonials I was getting solidified my decision to leave teaching and pursue my soul’s purpose full time.  I was put here to connect people to spirit so they could lead fulfilling lives and find their light.  I would be honored to do that for you.💕


Here’s what working with me looks like.  Through this 6 week program I will help guide you through these 6 steps that will help get you out of your “not good enough mom mind” and feel empowered and thrive!



We will have a psychic mediumship session. We will ask questions in the spirit world and connect with past loved ones as well as our personal spirit team.  We will talk about fears and dive deep into past lives and converse with your higher self to connect with what feeds our soul.



Support you through the healing power of Reiki.  I will help you relax and feel energized.  I will clear your energy body of stress and every day worry so you are balanced and grounded and ready to seize the day!



We will tap into your innate psychic gifts!  I will also help you tap into your intuition. A mother’s intuition is actually a psychic gift!  Yes we are all psychic!  Let’s tap into your gifts together! We will do this in a way that you don’t have to question whether the messages you are getting are divine guidance or that pesky voice in your head telling you what to do.  I will help you interpret that divine voice and trust it.  We are all psychic, wouldn’t it be nice to get daily guidance within ourselves for a change?



We will find your easiest way to disconnect and meditate!


Do you find it hard to meditate?  Can you not calm those pesky thoughts that always interrupt your flow? We will develop a personalized guided meditation that will be recorded.  You will be able to access it on a daily basis to help you ground, clear, and protect yourself from those pesky energy vampires and unwanted drama. Meditation does not have to be hard or take more than 5 minutes a day to work!


5. 🫶

Help you check in with yourself and give yourself the time to find out what sets your soul on fire and drives the need to do it all!  We will tap in with journal prompts, affirmations, and oracle card readings.



The Bonus!!

Designing a full moon ritual together to help you manifest everything you wish to have in your life and release all unwanted parts of your life that no longer serve you!


Here’s the breakdown:


✨Let’s Find Your Light✨


6 week membership

that includes


*🔮1 -1 hour virtual mediumship, ($150)


Week 1- This session will include talking to past loved ones, your guides and angels, and your higher self to see what messages come through to kickstart your journey to finding your light!  We will dive deep into your spiritual team and find out what drives you, what feeds your soul, and what advice your god given helpers have for you!


*🙌4 -1 hour virtual psychic reiki sessions,($135x4)


– Week 2 through week 5 – you relax and unwind while I work on your energy centers and aura to cleanse your etheric body.  Cleansing your energetic field will aide you in feeling better while you do the work to raise your vibration! I will take notes throughout the session on all my psychic hits, and spiritual messages and at the end of your session you will be emailed the notes so you can work with the information that came through while finally feeling balanced and relaxed.  You may even finally get a good nights sleep!


*🃏2 -half hour virtual oracle card readings , ($75 each)


- Have you ever worked with an oracle deck?  Now is your chance!  The purpose is to pull a card to shine light on the current situation you are dealing with in your life.  You can come in with a question or ask about just what you need to know now for that day.  You will choose the deck we are working with and we will pull a card or two to help you set an intention to direct your path for what lies ahead.


*😇fb messenger contact - ($350 a month)


you will have access to me every day to ask questions, check in, and tell me how you are doing on your journey to find your light.  Like a friend that is there for you, you can message me whenever you like!


*😍1x a week members only group zoom call - ($100 a call)


What a treat this will be.  There are others like you also working with me! We will check in once a week and talk about what we are all working through.  This call will have a short, guided mediation in the beginning of the call to center and ground all who are involved.  Creating a supportive community for your journey is so crucial in being validated in your feelings, thoughts, and experiences.


*🥳Private Facebook group-


for all who are in the program to check in with daily, share experiences, and get support from me and fellow members.


*✍️Weekly custom journal prompts and affirmations($150 a month)-


Don’t think you won’t have homework!  You will be given journal prompts each week to work on.  We will also create affirmations to use on a daily basis - do you every use affirmations?  Well if you don’t it is time. What a great way to strengthen your solar plexus chakra by affirming all the things you are to the universe.  We will come up with affirmations together to practice at your leisure.  This work might be your favorite part of the program!






Week 6 -Full moon Custom candle ritual 


-you learn how to do a ceremonial full moon candle ritual you can do as often or as little as your like.  You will learn how to tend to you inner light by attracting the spirits and messages meant of you. This bonus will include-


·  Energy protection

·  Conversing with spirit

·  Journaling

·  Teaching you how to connect to your own magic

·  Cleansing your space before you begin

·  And cleansing your space after your ritual


This six week offer is worth $2065 💰 in all and you will get it NOW for the low price of $850😇


People that have worked with me have learned to

·  trust their intuition so they can lead their family a more directed harmonious life!

·  finally let go of the pain of the past learn why they wanted to become a mom in the first place!

·  learn how to ground their energy so they aren’t an unpredictable, emotional, and stressed live wire who snaps at their        kids and spouse

·  develop a daily spiritual practice that can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day

·  develop a powerful full moon candle ritual to help release and manifest what they deeply desire


All of these results can be yours!


The membership is 



Please email me if you would like a payment plan to get started ✔️ 

Every week for 6 weeks- $166

Every two weeks for 6 weeks-$332


There will only be 6 spots for this membership so act now, to get the low price.


You can email me and if my offer for you feels like a “hell yeah!” for the both of us we can get things started!


Remember offer includes


·  1 mediumship session

·  4 reiki sessions

·  2 Oracle card readings

·  FB messenger contact

·  Weekly group zoom call with other members

·  Private Facebook group

·  Journal prompts and affirmations

·  BONUS- full moon custom candle ritual



email me for payment plan: