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Psychic Reiki Classes

Does the idea of healing with Reiki energy intrigue you? 


Do you feel like you’re a healer and can use your intuitive gifts to help others? 


Have you ever been curious about how to do Reiki? 


Have you wondered what Psychic Reiki is? 


Do you want to learn what your psychic gifts are? 


Have you experienced Reiki and been interested in learning the special healing modality to help heal yourself and others?


Have you wondered what it would be like to have a natural healing ability at your fingertips?

Let me be your guide! I teach all levels of Psychic Reiki and would love to help you and your spirit raise up and heal!

Psychic Reiki Level 1

What past students have said about level 1:


I could not have asked for a better Reiki 1 certification experience.  Being the first person in my social circle to get attuned, I was a bit nervous, but Jill made me feel extremely safe.  She ensured that I had a clear understanding of the entire process and even reached out in the following days and weeks to see how I was adjusting.  She was patient, down to earth, and extremely open.  It was very clear to me that she genuinely wants to help people become their best selves. Learning Reiki 1 with Jill was a truly empowering experience, and I am beyond grateful to have her as my teacher and mentor!

Lauren C.


Jill is a talented healer and psychic. I'm honored to have received my reiki attunement from her. The level one course was amazing and thorough. Jill also provided guidance throughout the process as I worked on myself. 


Level 1:

You will receive 

*Reiki 1 manual

*Attunement to Reiki Level 1 energy

*The book “The Art of Psychic Reiki” by my mentor Lisa Campion

*The book “A Little Bit of Reiki- An Introduction to Energy Medicine” by Valerie Oula 

*a Level 1 Psychic Reiki certificate when you complete the class.  


Day one:


*Manual Overview

*Guided Meditation

*Psychic Gifts introduction

*Chakra overview

*Reiki Breath process

*Guided Self Healing Session


Day two:

*Opening Sacred Space Ceremony

*Pendulum practice

*One-on-One Full Session Reiki practice

*Q & A Session

*Cleansing Sacred Space Ceremony

*Certificate Ceremony


I am offering at a low price of $225.  

The class will be spread over 2 days 3 hours each day. 

Email to inquire about this class


Psychic Reiki Level 2
Practioner Level

Psychic Reiki II is a very exciting and fun level that will bring wonderful growth and transformation for you. This is called the “practitioner level” because after this class, you can call yourself a Reiki practitioner and begin to work on clients professionally. 


This is the material that we will be covering in class: 

·      Three Reiki symbols 

·      Long-distance healing

·      Table positions for Reiki healing 

·      Meeting and Working with Reiki guides

·      Psychic gifts and ethics

·      Managing your energy field

·      Resonance and vibration

·      Attunement guidelines

·      Receive Reiki Level II Attunement 

·      Receive a Psychic Reiki Level II certificate 


Reiki Level II is ideal for anyone who already works hands-on with people. Lots of nurses, therapists, hair stylists, estheticians, and massage therapists learn Reiki and use it in their everyday interactions with people. Anyone who works hands-on with people greatly benefits from adding Reiki to their work. 


Whereas Reiki Level I focuses on self-healing, Reiki Level II prepares you to work on others. With every attunement you receive from your Reiki Master, your hara-line, or energetic life-line, expands to channel more energy.  The more energy you can channel, the more intense your reiki can be.  Learning the symbols can very much enhance each healing you do, whether on yourself or others.  The symbols act as keys to doors that access certain energy frequencies to help with physical and emotional healing. 


Reiki II often opens up your intuition and psychic senses. Many people report that they feel more in touch with their intuition during their sessions with their clients. You might begin to sense more energy moving, perceive colors or feel energy shifting as it moves. 

It’s a very exciting level! I would love to have you!

It is a one day 4 hour class.


Class price is $240 

Email to inquire about this class


What past students have said about level 2:


Jill is an amazing instructor and really cared about our success. Her follow up after the training session was especially appreciated! She is building community and connections which is what I was looking for. I believe whether you want to actually start your own reiki business or just want to learn to heal yourself and your community you should take the classes! Also she includes some really nice gifts. 

- Nick J.


I found Jill’s Reiki 2 attunement to be a very seamless progression from her Reiki 1 attunement. She built very nicely on the foundation she gave us during Reiki 1.  The training was the perfect combination of instruction and hands-on experience. Jill provided an extremely supportive environment which made feel safe to explore the new reiki symbols and the psychic hits I received throughout the process. As has always been my experience with Jill, I left the training feeling confident and excited to continue my reiki journey.

-Lauren C. 

What past students have said about level 3:

After completing Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Jill, I had high expectations for the master level training. To no surprise, she did not disappoint.  She not only helped us take a deeper dive into the art itself, but also encouraged us to compliment that art with the use of our intuitive abilities. The training was very much infused with Jill’s magic, which, in my opinion, is what made it so unique and enriching. You can’t go wrong with this course!

Psychic Reiki Level 3
Master Level


Reiki Master certification is an exciting opportunity to take your healership to a whole new level. This is the culmination of your Reiki training, and as all the Reiki levels do, it has life- changing possibilities. The most exciting aspect to Reiki Master Level is that we learn to give attunements to others. This allows you to be able to teach Reiki.  Receiving an attunement is a very powerful healing since it permanently changes your frequency!

In this class, we will be learning:

·       The Reiki Master Level Manual complete with all symbols

·       How to give attunements

·       The Healing Attunement—how to use the attunement as a healing

·       Advanced healing practices

·       Client dialoging and ethics of healing

·       Reiki Master Level attunement and certificate

This is the spiritual level of healing, and we will be learning some advanced healing techniques too. With Reiki Master Level, we learn the Master Symbol, and this opens up the possibility of doing healing at the spiritual level.

We will be learning over the course of 2 days 3 hours each day.

Day one :

*Master attunement 

*Manual overview 

*Master symbol 

*Attunement process 


Day two :

*Master level healing 

*Psychic Reiki Ethics 

*Attunement practice  

*Presentation of certificate 

Class price: $290

Email to inquire about this class

Reiki Refresher Course

Did you get your Reiki certification a long time ago and need a refresher?

Do you not feel connected and need to amp up your energy field?

Do you remember bits and pieces but you could use a crash course?


Have you taken Reiki previously and felt like you didn't quite "get it?"

I can help!
I have a four hour refresher course for all level Reiki practitioners.

This includes:

-Introduction- check in 

-30 minute Reiki Session

-5 principles of reiki

-History of reiki 

-Explanation of reiki 

-Chakra explanation- (names, colors, in balance, out of balance, how it feels, what to expect)

-Pendulum explanation- check chakras on others

-symbols refresh

-Hand Positions for self reiki

-Hand positions for reiki on others
-1 on 1 practice

-Attunement practice


4 hour class


Let’s connect!

Email to inquire about this class

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