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Jill is hope and light when all you see is darkness.  Mediumship was an incredibly personal experience and beyond words. I had zero doubt in her abilities.  She truly gave me hope and closure.  I felt like I had been drowing in a dark abyss for almost a decade and with one mediumship she was able to give me light, hope, and peace.  I can never repay her or thank her enough for that.  She is truly one of kind, legit, and amazing.  She is a brightspot of sunshine in a dark world and all she has ever wanted to do is help. Do not hesitate- do the mediumship.  Allow her to use her talents to help.  It is why she was put here. 

- Samantha M.

I had one of the most meaningful conversations last night.  This woman has a truly remarkable gift and I can't recommend her more if I tried.  If you are looking for any kind of answers from a passed loved one please reach out.  I know I had some skepticism but that was quickly lifted.  Jill is a great person with a wonderful way with words.  thank you Jill. 

- Matt S.

Jill's empathy and passion blended with her keen insight and intuition create the skills necessary for her extraordinary psychic and healing abilities.  I had a mediumship reading with Jill that felt like I was having coffee with my loved ones.  She channeled messages that were not only meaningful but that helped me move forward in my own life.  I loved the session so much I immediately  booked one for my sister so she could experience a similar gift to the one I just received. Jill is the REAL DEAL!

-Joan M.

Sometimes we need reassurance.  Sometimes we need comfort. Sometimes we need to figure out what is going on in our own life.  My mediumship reading with Jill offered all that and then some.  Everything Jilll was being told to tell me from spirit was completely and utterly spot on!!  When Jill mentions something that maybe doesn't click with you right away she doesn't stop with it... she helps figure out what the message is coming through and how it connects to you.  Jill reassured me and I will definitely be getting more readings from Jill!

-Kristen B.

Jill came into my life shortly after the death of my father, and working with Jill allowed me to process the grief I was feeling as well as reassured me that my father was okay and very much still with me (in addition to a few other close family members).  Through working with Jill, I realized that while these family members may have changed form and are no longer present on the earth plane, I came to realize that the love they had for me, and I for them, was still very much present and perhaps even stronger now.  I would highly recommend Jill to anyone looking to connect to a passed loved one.

-Courtney S.

Jill is absolutely amazing.  She was right on the money.  So many interesting things and people came through.   She was able to tell me things about life that we had never talked about.  I was able to reach a friend who passed away last year and know that he is in a better place.  She also was able to let me know that people form my past are telling me I am finally on the right path.  She is such a blessing to have in my life.  She helps her clients with a friendly, open and compassionate demeanor which allows people to feel comfortable opening up to get the most out of every experience.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

-Steph C.


Of all the things I experienced this week, the most cathartic- hands down- was the reiki session offered by Jill.  Jill's work brings forth all of her special skills/ abilities/ gifts that she delivers with such grace.  She knows just what to say and when to say it, untangling deep stuff that some therapists take years to do.  Jill unblocked my root & heart chakras and got me into balance again.  But more importantly, she connected me with my own power that I can now use to take on the world.  Afterwards, I left to get something healthy to eat, go fora nature walk, and eventually got some of the best sleep of my life.  I woke feeling amazing!  Like a new Me ready to dance through this world.  Words cannot convey how helpful Jill has been for me, but I had to try to express.  Thank you Jill! 

love always,

a not so weary soul after all


In my reiki session, Jill hit on all of the symptoms I was feeling, from my swollen glands, to my sinus headache, my cough and other symptoms (we didn't ask about these specifics beforehand!).  I felt calm and relaxed and was able to get an amazing night's sleep, which is a really big deal.  Working with Jill is different from a typical reiki session because her other gifts shine through as well. Her intuition is spot on.  I highly recommend to anyone!

- Danielle C.

Never having experienced reiki before, I was unsure of its effectiveness, especially long distance.  Well it was absolutely wonderful!  It was relaxing and comforting like a cozy shawl surrounding me.  Jill gave me concrete ideas to improve my health and well-being.  Afterwards, I took a nap and awoke really refreshed.  I heartily recommend booking a session with Jill as it is a wonderful experience.

-Claudia M.

From the very first minute Jill started the session, I felt warm, safe, and relaxed as if I was snuggled into my favorite heavy blanket.  There were things I had been burying deep inside me and ignoring that she was able to help me gently face and address. Jill is professional, friendly, and caring in her practice... and geniunely wants to help.  Coming from someone who had never had a reiki session, never gave it the time of day to learn more about it and was mildly skeptical, especially of a long distance reiki session- trust me when I tell you to just book one with Jill.  Right now. Go out on a limb and do something for yourself.  You won't regret it.

-Tabitha P.

I was relaxed and felt comforted by the manner in which Jill conducted our time together.  I would highly recommend having a session with her.  As a person who enjoys giving to others, it made me also realize we are at our best for our loved ones when we take care of ourselves as well.  Thank you Jill for the gift of you!

-Leigh K.

Distance Reiki with Jill made me really think about all kinds of things that are going on in my life and help me process them.  I have been thinking about a career change that we never spoke about and that came through to her.  She was able to help remind me how important self-care is.  She is absolutely amazing at what she does.  A super professional woman who deals with people with compassion, love, and kindness. I couldn't ask for any more.

-Stephanie C.

I tend to be "that guy" in terms of skepticism.  I was very surprised in a great way. The biggest surprise however was that she sensed great issues in my left shoulder and focused her energy there.  That was the one that clinched it for me because again, I did not tell her about it.  My shoulder was injured enough for me to go to the doctor and required cortisone shots, which helped, but eventually wore off.  My range of mobility was limited.   After the reiki session... no pain and full mobility in my shoulder.  Jill is definitely the real deal.

-John S.

My first reiki experience was fantastic. I found it to be at the intersection of meditation and massage but decidedly relaxing, restful and cognitive - - all produced with very little effort on my part. And even though it was Jill's hands, touch, voice and perception that generated these feelings and responses, I felt like it was a shared, very human, experience with a kind person to whom you can comfortably entrust yourself. I also felt wide changes in my body and ambient temperature in the room during the session which added to this extra special sensory experience. I signed her guest book before leaving with the words "content and grateful." I give the session:💚💚💚💚💚💚

-Jon R.

After my first wonderful Reiki experience with Jill about eight months ago (read above,) I went back this week for a second session. Again, it exceeded my expectations. Reached deep state of relaxation and quiet exuberance. Dream-like and the images still happily resonate days later. I became very conscious and grateful  of the intentionality behind  each hand or finger motion or press that she employs. Skill, warmth, comfort and focus. She’s really really good at this. 

-Jon R.

Mediumship Salon/ Spirit Circle

My mom and I attended Jill's Girl's Night Séance and it was an amazing first time experience for us!! the energy she brings is so welcoming and uplifting.  The group of women in the room were all incredible, each with their own heartbreaking but inspiring story- it felt like we were all meant to be there together in that very moment.  Jill took time with each one of us in the group, but oftentimes the messages relayed for one applied to us all.  It was a great way to connect with our loved ones and to also connect with "strangers" in a way we otherwise wouldn't have.  Jill had such a gift, and uses it to comfort, heal and empower her clients.  I would highly recommend this event!!

-Devon D.

I had the privilege of experiencing Jill’s mediumship salon this week, and it was such a cathartic, intimate, safe and healing experience. I have many life changes coming at me currently all at once, and Jill brought through the exact energies and assurances I needed from spirit to help me stand strong in my power. She was able to acknowledge and speak on my dark and difficult past with abuse, and lovingly validate the intensity and discipline of my spiritual practice, the work I’ve done in my healing and highlighted my rise from the ashes. As a practitioner myself with many people relying on me to give them the guidance they need, I rarely give that same gift to myself- and Jill was the one to finally teach me to receive. Thank you Jill, endlessly for that chance 

Gina D.

As soon as I sat with Jill the goosebumps chills started, you know the kind that you can energetically feel that the person is sooooo connected.  I was nervous and wondered what was in store.  I don’t know about you but I always get a little anxious before connecting to my familia who have transitioned.  From the very first sentence,Jill made me feel completely at ease.  She connected to my grandmother and grandfather right away. And no one has ever connected to my grandfather ever. She also connected to one of my past life self, which I had been healing for years and had just come back from a trip that created a release a few days prior to our session.   Jill is loving and connected to all the realms. I went to Jill to get answers from my abuelita as to what to do about a certain situation that I couldn’t find an answer to.  When she gave me conformation it was like a weight was lifted.  She not only empowered me but also gave me so much hope. Thank you so much for your beautiful light and gift!

Daniela M.

Jill was born with such an amazing gift, to connect and receive messages from our loved ones that have passed, our guides and angels (to name a few). I recently went to one of her group mediumship sessions and it was such a fun yet powerful evening. Everyone present had different messages from spirit come through. Besides  providing guidance that I am on the right career path, I also received validations of events that occurred from spirit. I was so humbled to learn about all the amazing Goddesses surrounding me at all times.  What a treasure to have Jill in our community and  to be able to see her in person. If you are looking for any kind of answers from a passed loved one or from your divine team, please reach out. I would also recommend going to a group session as the energy is so amazing and it is also a fun girls night out.

Paola Z.

Five of my girlfriends and I had a “Girl’s Night Séance” with Jill. OKAY, ladies, set up your dates because I know she’s going to be booking up like crazy. Jill is super talented, she picked up on details no one in the room could have possibly known. Most importantly she’s personable, she was one of us the second she walked through the door. She took her time and taught us so much about what it is to be psychic and Reiki healing. Can’t wait to see her again for a Reiki session!

Carol D.

Last night was utterly amazing!  We had so much fun with you and our spirits who chose to join us.  Last night I had the best sleep I have had in a long time- so thinking having a chat with my dad had something to do with that!  And I woke up crying but they were happy tears.   I thought about your reference to the horse- there is a great picture of my dad as a kid with his uncle and he was leading a horse which my dad was riding.  You have a wonderful gift.  Not only because of your connection to souls but also because of your warmth, knowledge and humor. Thank you.  Last night was a gift and confirmation that my dad is with me.  That makes my heart so happy.  And yes- I'll be taking his advice to do more self-care.  We will be back!

-Juli E.

Animal Reiki

I was hopeful going into an animal reiki session with Jill for my dog, Miles. He’s a four year-old cocker spaniel with severe anxiety. She listened attentively as I described his personality and behaviors, asking relevant questions with a genuine interest in his wellbeing.  During the session he was calm and relaxed. Afterward, she explained some of the triggers behind his anxiety and panic. She also communicated with him about things that he enjoys doing, that make him feel safe and happy. I’m looking forward to implementing her suggestions to help him feel more at ease. I’ve had wonderful experiences with Jill each time we interact. She’s warm, loving, and extraordinarily talented. I’m so grateful to have her in my life and for this amazing session.

Melissa O. 

Jill did distance reiki for my 15 year old terrier who kept getting me up in the wee hours of the morning once or twice a night to go outside. She only needed to go out one time the night after the reiki and has not barked to go out any night since! I was unsure how well animal reiki would work but obviously Jill did wonders. I am very pleased with the outcome as now I can finally get sleep straight through the night.

Claudia M.  

Jill Kelly is usually a Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner. However, did you know she also does animal reiki, and the animals love talking to her!?!? I had Jill do reiki on both my corgis and they loved it! They are usually very high energy and a bit wild, but to my disbelief while Jill was giving them reiki they flopped over and soaked it up! They laid there delighted with funny little smiles drooling. She totally relaxed them which lasted for days. Jill was also able to get insight into what my Fur Babies were thinking and some things they needed. This is literally something I wonder on a daily basis “what are they thinking?!” They showed her some of their favorite places and things to do and made her aware of some areas that needed more attention health wise. It was an awesome experience for us as humans and especially for the doggos. We recommend a session to anyone who has pets! Thank you so much Jill!

Sage H. 

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