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A dynamic collaboration of Spirit Art and Mediumship

Respected mediums Kimberly Guyer, Jill Marie Kelly & Richard Moschella offer a unique event of Mediumship & Healing. During the gallery reading Kimberly, Jill & Rich will bring through evidence and healing messages from your departed loved ones. Richard will also sketch the essence of the spirit communicator during his mediumship session and gladly provide you with the sketch of your loved one. The night will also provide a healing meditation and offer proof of the continuity of life.

The Mediumship Trio Testimonial

"I'm grateful to have experienced this incredible night! You 3 are all so gifted and complement each other so wonderfully.

What was unexpected is how much I would take away from just being present for messages coming through to others in the audience.

Emotional and beautiful experience!"
-Lauren G.

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Meet The Team

Jill Marie Kelly

Psychic Medium

Reiki Master Teacher



Jill has had a relationship with the spirit world for as long as she can remember. When she learned Reiki, her gifts got much stronger. She uses her unique skills to bring healing balance to your body while giving you messages from spirit for your greatest good.

Kimberly Guyer


Qigong Instructor

Paranomal Investigator

Kimm, also known as Ghost History Medium, began her awakening after several paranormal encounters with spirit. With years of intensive mediumship training, she loves connecting with spirit and sharing her knowledge of energy which is a unique combination of her spiritual experiences, qigong practice, and her science background.

Richard Moschella

Spirit Art Medium


 Paranormal Investigator


Richard has released numerous books on spirit communication and his encounters on his journey in the paranormal research field. Since childhood he has been connected to those on the other side of the veil and it wasn't until adulthood that he fully accepted his unique gift.

We would love to present for you!

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We offer:

*Charity Events
*Private Parties
*Residential, Business, Online Events

The Mediumship Trio is a unique mediumship & spirit art experience that brings fourth evidential information and healing for all in attendance. For over a year The Mediumship Trio has worked in theaters, holistic centers, retail shops and also private events. All past events have received great praise and tickets have sold out. As 2024 is upon us, we are currently looking to build our relationships with more locations and offer our special mediumship events and reach more people. We take great pride in our work and our connection to spirit. We thank you for your time and consideration to have us at your location.

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Richard Moschella:
"Ask for signs from your loved ones. Make it hard, ask for something you would never expect and be open to what arrives for you."

Kimberly Guyer:
"Energy is all around communicating with us all the time.  Slow down. Tune in.  Become aware of your inner world and know peace is there."

Jill Marie Kelly:
"Fire can be seen in every dimension. The one thing every religion got right, was lighting a candle for the dead.  Light a candle for your loved one and call on their name.  They will be there with you."

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