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 Develop Your Psychic Gifts With Me!
February 10th

Miss Jill's Spooky School of Psychics

6 Weeks to Discover and Develop Your Psychic Gifts So You Can Receive Messages for Yourself and Others


🔮 Do you think you might be psychic and need help directing the energy?

🔮 Do you ever have trouble trusting yourself when you "just have a feeling" about something?

🔮 Did you sense energy as a child but shut it off because it scared you?

🔮 Do you often see signs (like symbols, animals, or angel numbers) and wish you knew what they meant?

🔮 Do you want to return to that feeling of childhood wonder and seeing the magic daily?


We are human beings that have turned into human doings. And as a result, when we feel overwhelmed, we tend to go on autopilot. This lack of intention makes it hard to connect to your intuition. It may even cause you to question your psychic ability!


Are you ready to break out of this cycle and be able to access your psychic gifts whenever you want? 


Let's develop your psychic gifts in a fun and interactive way with a community of magical people all doing the same thing.👇👇👇


Miss Jill's Spooky School of Psychics

💜 This membership will jumpstart your journey in discovering your psychic gifts! ⬇️

  • Turn your psychic abilities on and off whenever you want

  • Feel protected when you work with spirit, so you are always safe

  • Be able to tune in and find out what your psychic hit means

  • Be part of a community in the same boat as you, connecting and sharing your experiences

  • Connect and become familiar with your guides and be able to decipher the messages they have for you

  • Open up your energetic channels and release what no longer serves you

  • Feel in control, empowered, and connected


Here's what you get when you join sign up today:

  • *✍️Weekly custom journal prompts and affirmations. Don't think you won't have homework! Each week, you will get new journal prompts and exercises to complete. We will also create affirmations together to practice at your leisure. 

  • *🙌 3 private virtual psychic reiki sessions. You relax and unwind while connecting to your guides and opening your energy channels. I will cleanse your etheric body to help you feel better, raise your vibration, and get all the messages from your spirit team you need to thrive. You will leave each session feeling deeply connected to your higher self.

  • *😍 Weekly members-only group Zoom calls. My clients tell me that this is one of their favorite features of the program. There are others like you also working with me! In an intimate setting we will share, learn, and connect.  There is just something about relating with others that are experiencing the same things and proving that you are not crazy afterall.  

  • *🥳 Private Facebook group, "Miss Jill's Spooky School of Psychics," for all in the program to check in daily, share experiences, and get support from me and fellow members.


Bonus -🕯✨🔮🌕 

* 📝A Private in depth Psychic Assessment.  You will complete a 95 question assessment and I will provide a detailed reading of your most powerful psychic strengths and give you tips and guidance on how to utilize them to see which strengths you should start cultivating ASAP!


This exclusive membership is $999.  More flexible payment plans available. There are only 5 spots available - first come, first serve. 



Reach out to me ASAP to reserve your spot

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