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 Develop Your Psychic Gifts With Me! 

Discover and develop you psychic skills at 



This 6 week membership that includes:


*🔮1 -1 hour virtual mediumship 


Week 1- This session will include talking to past loved ones, your guides and angels, and your higher self to see what messages come through to find your gifts!  We will dive deep into your spiritual team and find out what advice your god given helpers have for you!


*🙌3 -1 hour virtual psychic reiki sessions


– you relax and unwind while I work on your energy centers. I will cleanse your etheric body to help you feel better, raise your vibration, and get all the messages from your spirit team you need to thrive.


*😍1x a week members only group zoom call 


What a treat! There are others like you also working with me! We will check in once a week and talk about what we are all working through.  It will include meditations and exercises and be recorded in case you miss it!


*🥳Private Facebook group-“Miss Jill’s Spooky Summer School of Psychics”


for all who are in the program to check in with daily, share experiences, and get support from me and fellow members.


*✍️Weekly custom journal prompts and affirmations


Don’t think you won’t have homework!  You will be given journal prompts  and exercises each week to work on.  We will come up with affirmations together to practice at your leisure.  This work might be your favorite part of the program!


2 Bonuses-🕯✨🔮

🌕 -Full Moon Custom candle ritual 

🌑- New Moon Custom candle ritual


-do ceremonial full moon and new moon candle rituals where you can protect your energy, converse with your spirit team, release what no longer serves you, and manifest your desires.


This six week offer is worth $950💰 but the price is  $555😇


✨This is what you’ll be able to do after working with me :

·  trust your intuition

·  finally let go of the pain of the past and reconnect 

·  learn how to ground your energy  

·  develop your spiritual practice in 10 minutes a day

·  develop a powerful full moon candle ritual to release and 



This exclusive membership will begin July 3rd for only $555 and there are only 6 spots available - first come first serve. 


💜Remember offer includes


·  1 mediumship session

·  3 reiki sessions

·  Weekly group zoom call with other members

·  Private Facebook group

·  Journal prompts and affirmations

·  BONUSES- full moon/new moon custom candle rituals 


Reach out to me ASAP to reserve your spot


What People have said about this program

Thank you Jill for giving us a safe space to explore and open up our psychic capabilities. The one on ones helped me connect deeper with self and the group sessions made me feel like I wasn't crazy. There's more to be done but the tools provided are essential to get me there in time. Your work is Appreciated 🪄

-Katrina W. 


I have just completed Miss Jill's Spooky School for Psychics, not only does it have a cool name, it was a great course. It was lovely to be in an intimate environment and have Jill download all her knowledge for us. Her time one on one, connecting to our guides and opening up our energy channels with reiki was amazing. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in knowing themselves a little better & wanting to know about connecting to our higher knowledge. 

-Sandra F.


I didn't know what to expect. I didn't think that I had any ability, but figured that it would be worth it just for the mediumship and reiki sessions.  I learned so much from not only Jill, but the other members as well.  It was an amazing experience that left me feeling more positive, in control, and connected, and I can use the tools I learned for the rest of my life. 

-Kate S.

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